iOS 12 iCloud Activation Lock Leaked a Bug Unlock

iCloud Activation Lock iOS 12  Leaked a Bug Unlock
iOS 12 Bug iCloud Unlock_Factory Unlock_Network Unlock 

Factory Unlock_iCloud Unlock_Network Unlock

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iCloud Activation Lock iOS 12  Leaked a Bug Unlock

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iCloud Activation Lock iOS 12  Leaked a Bug Unlock  

Researchers have discovered

a new vulnerability in iOS that can be used to bypass

Apple’s Activation Lock feature. The vulnerability allows hackers to gain access to

the home screen without having to enter a passcode.

Apple describes Activation Lock as a feature that’s

designed to prevent anyone else

from using your iOS device if it’s lost or stolen.

When you turn on Find My iPhone

feature, Apple enables Activation Lock automatically

on your device.

This feature makes it very hard for someone who

doesn’t own an iPhone or an iPad

to wipe it and set it up as a new device.

Researchers bypass iOS 10 Activation Lock

Hemanth Joseph, a security researcher, exploited a

weakness in the device setup process,

testing the vulnerability on a locked iPad.

Joseph found that with some practice and the help

from the magnetic catch

in Apple’s Smart Cover, he could

bypass the Activation Lock and get to the home screen.

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